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Not a Professional Engineer

While I have been an engineer of various forms for the last 30+ years, I am not a professional engineer, and much of the information here is self-taught and not formally educated. Just keep that in mind as you read. My curiosity may be nearly limitless, but my understanding always has limits. I'll try to point these out wherever I can.


Being a maker means learning a dizzying number of skills, and as part of the spirit of the community I wanted to share things that I've learned, found, and otherwise hope others might find some use.


The content in this collection is written by Chris Petrilli. An engineer of 30 years in the tech business working in software, security, and embedded systems. Where the content comes from someone else, I have endeavoured to make sure it is linked to the original source.

There are no affiliate links on this website. I don't get any money off of anything you click on. I've also tried to point people at the original manufacturer, rather than just throw it at Amazon. Amazon can be a life saver for hard to find things, but they're still not a particularly ethical organization to do business with.


I do use some basic analytics (powered by Fathom Analytics), which is much more privacy focused, and only collects the barest minimum of information. I don't even see IP addresses.

Built With

The site is built using MkDocs and the Material for MkDocs theme (although it's much bigger than that). It is edited (primarily) in Visual Studio Code, written in Markdown and also using Jupyter notebooks. Finally, it is hosted on Github Pages.

In addition, throughout, you'll find interactive circuit simulators. These were built on top of Paul Falstad's brilliant circuitjs. I also took a bunch of the example circuits and have used them as a starting point for discussion. More details can be found on this page.

Comments or Questions?

If you have any comments, questions, or topics you'd like to see covered, please feel free to either reach out to me on Mastodon (link below) or open an issue on Github.