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The Lab


If you have a request, please open a Github Issue, and I'll see what I can do. I try to limit my discussion to things I am somewhat confident about.

The overall goal of this is to provide as much research, thoughts, plans, and overall discovered detritus as possible to (hopefully) help someone else complete a project. It is organized into a few top-level sections, from left to right:

  • Projects. As I find time, there will be documentation of various projects here. They could be hardware, software, or both.
  • Electronics. Resources about electronics. Starting with fundamentals and working up through more advanced stuff.
  • Mechanical. What it means to make something in the real world, stick it together, and make it move (or not move) as you see fit.
  • 3D Stuff. My work in 3D printing, though mostly just small things to make life easier.
  • Software. References for writing software, both general, and more specifically for Python.
  • Organization. How to keep a workshop organized. I'm not great at this, but I've developed a few patterns.
  • Tools. Mostly hand tools.
  • Resources. Other places to find things.
  • Tags. I'm trying to get better at tagging resources, so you can find an "index" of sorts here.
  • About. A bit about me.

I also think it's worth talking about what it means to be a maker, though. I think Adam Savage summed it up best, but it comes down to his 10 commandments of the maker:

  1. Make something.
  2. Make something useful.
  3. Start right now.
  4. Find a project.
  5. Ask for help, advice, and feedback.
  6. Share.
  7. Recognize that discouragement and failure is part of the project.
  8. Measure carefully.
  9. Make things for other people.
  10. Use more cooling fluid.

Comments or Questions?

If you have any comments, questions, or topics you'd like to see covered, please feel free to either reach out to me on Mastodon (link below) or open an issue on Github.