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Changelog or What's New

What is a Changelog?

A changelog is a curated list of notable changes, typically ordered by date or version. For the purposes of this site, I'm going to try and add an entry anytime I add or substantially update something. I thought about just stuffing the Git logs into this, but that has a lot more noise in it than most people want to read.

This changelog will be kept in reverse chronological order, with the newest things on top.

If you wish to use an RSS reader, and you should, there is an RSS feed of both new things and updated things.


  • Wrote up the Pmod "standard" since I've found it a bit confusing at times, and it's quite common in the FPGA world.
  • Covered logic levels with a bit on the 74-series families that implement them since they're the most common basic blocks.


  • Added a new design for the Rigol DHO800/900 series scopes.



  • Started a little today I learned page to collect some little things. I really need to figure out how to make it a bit more discoverable, but for now, I just want to make it super simple.


  • Added a quick tip from Blondihacks for storing sandpaper and emery cloth.



  • Added a writeup of my workstation setup. Nothing too fancy, but I figured it'd be an interesting discussion give it's been recently updated.
  • Added a few new extensions to my Fusion 360 information.




  • Added a small tip about sorting SMD parts and reducing static cling.
  • Minor link cleanup. There were a few broken links.


  • A few new YouTube channels.
  • Added some information about a rather inexpensive, but precision current and voltage source, so long as you can work within its limits.
  • Updated the mkdocs-material to 9.2.1, which includes all of 9.2.0 from the 9.1 release. This also brought in mkdocs v1.5.2. I also needed to update mknotebooks to v0.8.0 to fix an import issue.
  • Added a quick update to the labeling section about how to keep all the labels together to simplify batch printing.


  • Wrote up the project to replace the base of my Joyalens JL-249 10.1" video microscope. This added a heavy magnetic steel base as a replacement.






  • Added ITO glass to the interesting materials section. Super fun material used in touch screens and other applications.
  • Added diagrams showing a visual example of the types of fit.
  • Some coverage of screws, specifically. This includes a discussion of the various types, materials, thread variations, and uses.


  • Formalized the structure of the site. Previously, I had been just letting MkDocs figure it out from directory structure, but this often led to some weird organization. While it's more work to keep a manual nav structure up-to-date, I think it will be more useful as a consumer.
  • Added an RSS feed for changes and creations using the mkdocs-rss-plugin. Thank you to Aaron Schwartz, who was taken too soon (f- you MIT and feds), and others who contributed to this amazing tech.

Comments or Questions?

If you have any comments, questions, or topics you'd like to see covered, please feel free to either reach out to me on Mastodon (link below) or open an issue on Github.