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Python Libraries

Look, there's a staggeringly gigantic collection of Python libraries out there. This isn't that. This isn't even 1% of that. This isn't even 0.01% of that. What this is is just a list of libraries that I personally use regularly and find to be good. Hopefully that might be a lead for people looking for something to scratch an itch.


An alternative to the ever-popular requests. I switched a while back because it had better type annotations, but I feel like there was another reason I switched, but I can't for the life of me remember what it is.

Barcodes and Labels

From the Natural History Museum in the UK, this library lets you both create a parse Data Matrix barcodes. You can see a use in this project. There's another library, pystritch, which is used by blabel below, but it seems to be somewhat abandoned. It works, but...
Great library that does nearly all the 1D barcode formats: Code 39, Code 128, EAN-13, EAN-8, JAN, ISBN-13, ISBN-10, ISSN, UPC-A, EAN14, and GS1-128.
Library for creating QR codes.
This library from the Edinburgh Genome Foundry provides a simple interface to use HTML+CSS+Python to define labels, including lots of barcode symbology. While things like the Brother P-Touch editor are great for small sets of labels, this is the thing you want if you need to generate labels in the hundreds or programmatically.

Comments or Questions?

If you have any comments, questions, or topics you'd like to see covered, please feel free to either reach out to me on Mastodon (link below) or open an issue on Github.