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Today I Learned


A lot of times, I find little bits of information that aren't really enough to write an entire thing about, but I'd like to share them with people. That's what this little section is for. The idea was inspired by Simon Willison.

  • 2024-02-02. As of 7.0.5 (I think) of KiCad on macOS, they have disabled support for the Space Mouse due to some perceived flakiness. I'm unclear what this is given I've never experienced anything but rock solid support in things like Fusion and Solidworks. It is possible to get it back by following the instructions in this ticket, which is completely not obvious.
  • 2023-11-23. Learning to use telescoping bore gauges can be super challenging. It requires developing a feel for when it's properly situated. Someone mentioned getting some known good and precise bores to work with. Some examples were bronze bearings, which are both inexpensive and very precisely made.
  • 2023-11-11. I've been digging into Ada recently, and had a problem getting Alire and Visual Studio Code to play nicely with one another. Thanks to Rob for the tip that you need to start VSC with alr exec -- code . in the directory with the Ada Project

Comments or Questions?

If you have any comments, questions, or topics you'd like to see covered, please feel free to either reach out to me on Mastodon (link below) or open an issue on Github.